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At Networks.NZ we provide services to securely manage your company’s data. Networks.NZ also offer setting up your business with onsite servers and cloud services. This allows data to be used with speed on your local servers and the flexibility for offsite backups and Cloud Based productivity tools like Office365, Xero etc. We specialise in Terminal Servers to provide a consistent controlled environment for end users. Networks.NZ are a licensed Microsoft Office 365 vendor. Having tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams and Outlook creates the foundation on how to run an efficient business.  Understanding Websites Design and integrating it back to your internal office systems is essential. These days most business utilize a myriad of applications from local freight forwarder applications to cloud based accounting system.  Designing a secure and functional desktop these days requires planning. Networks.NZ can design and manage the process to optimise your networks. We specialize in Hybrid Networks with reliable and secure cloud-based interaction.

Backup and Data Recovery Services 

One of our services is to manage your backup and data recovery to keep it safe in the event of system failure or disaster.

Networks.NZ will manage your organisation’s data from a system crash, a power outage, fire, IT security attacks and much more. We can customise a backup and recovery plan so that your data in the event of a disaster is secure.

Networks.NZ can create a unique backup and data recovery plan tailored to your business. We can assess and identify what is the best plan for you. We will put procedures in place that can automatically backup data on a regular basis to make it easy to recover in case of emergency.

We have the ability to store all your data on remote servers safely within our Auckland Data Centre or in a remote cloud storage. We maintain, operate and manage the off-site storage ensuring it is backed up and accessible from any location via the internet. Our fully managed cloud storage increases data availability, usability, and frees up valuable network bandwidth.

Cloud Services

Networks.NZ offers secure cloud services that help organisations reduce their IT expenditure whilst improving data resilience, system performance and ease of management.

Networks.NZ will manage the cloud services for your company with ease. Cloud computing will bring in multiple benefits for your company some are listed below:

  • The Cloud has less operational issues on small businesses
  • The Cloud can save you money
  • Cloud computing can increases collaboration amongst your team
  • Cloud computing reduces your carbon footprint
  • The cloud  can give employees a better work-life balance

Microsoft Office 365 Vendor

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 can be bought through Networks.NZ. Rolling out to your whole business with service and maintenance.
Networks.NZ are one of the few businesses that have the licence to lease Microsoft Office 365 on a monthly or yearly basis. We are skilled at rolling the product out to the whole business no matter what the size of the businesses is. Additionally we also service and maintain Office 365 for businesses.


(Software As Service per Box) = Your cloud based virtual desktop.

The Need for Speed. Our Data Centers are fast. Real fast.

When you login into your SaSperBox you don’t want to be waiting for the cursor to catch up. We have multiple and redundant internet connections which services our clients. We outsource Data Centers all over the world to host our Cloud Enabled SaSperBox’s. Below is an example of one of our Data Centers.

Data Center Interactive Link

About us

SaSperBox has taken the complex subject of Cloud computing, and made it simple. We provide the technology necessary to provide your users with a Virtual desktop.

Virtual Desktops help everyone within the same company work on the same system, the same platform, and the same version of the software application, from anywhere in the world. Your entire data is secure, backed up automatically, and kept current in real time.

Why Choose SaSperBox?

A growing number of companies are devoting a significant part of their IT budget to cloud based services in order to lessen the demand on their IT resources, to work smarter, and become cost-effective. SaSperBox is unique because we offer a custom managed service for everyone from individual users to large corporates. SaSperBox provides a virtualized desktop for each user.

The SaSperBox Cloud hosting and management service takes scalability and flexibility to the next level. We know that ‘one size’ cloud hosting solutions do not always deliver the best result and therefore we can work with the client to determine their needs. From the out of the box solution, to the custom built one, we can help. Our services have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding and challenging of business environment needs.



Cloud computing is the next big trend in the IT industry and is set to redefine the way enterprises do business. Cloud computing is a term associated with the savings gained from moving applications online as opposed to buying and managing software and physical equipment.

Gartner, the renowned and leading IT research company, defines Cloud Computing as: “Cloud is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to internal and external customers using internet technologies.” (Gartner, November 2009).

A more simple description is any situation where computing is done in a remote location (i.e., in the ‘cloud’) as against on your desktop or by a local server.

According to a report by Gartner, the worldwide hosted virtual desktop market will grow to reach 49 million units in 2013, up from only ½ million units in 2009. This will make up as much as 40% of the worldwide “professional PC market” by revenue.

Physical desktop computer infrastructures no longer make sense. They cannot effectively support the changing business IT landscape and are expensive, insecure and maintenance-heavy. Cloud computing provides IT with an alternate model for delivering services at a potentially lower cost.

Why Cloud and SaSperBox?

With modern computing it’s important for companies to re-evaluate their desktop strategies. Especially with the expansion of virtual workforces, growing popularity of mobile devices (such as the iPad and tablets), as well as tighter IT budgets.

Cloud hosted desktops lower the cost of ownership of corporate computing by centralizing management and providing access from anywhere.

For the small-medium sized business it’s about cash flow management. There’s no up-front capital cost, and no expensive gear to depreciate over years of time. Technology risk is carried by the provider and not by the customer. You are just leasing space on a super computer network.

The applications and services can be hosted in the cloud, rather than by the end user, and is therefore a key driver to provide the business with cost reduction — mainly in terms of hardware and support needs.

SaSperBox provides:

  • A flexible and distributed infrastructure that can deliver pay-as-you-go, on-demand services
  • Scalable architecture and access to high performance computing and processing
  • The ability to establish new business models quickly


If you are already running a highly virtualized business environment, do you still need a private cloud? The answer in most cases is yes. Virtualization and cloud are not the same.

A private cloud is dedicated to an organisation and delivers 3 key attributes to differentiate itself from a highly virtualized environment.

They are:

  • Highly Automated
  • Scalable and Elastic
  • Self service

Cloud computing enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources with minimal management or interaction.
The following are 5 key characteristics to our cloud solutions:

  • On demand service – the client can request additional computing capabilities such as server time and network storage on an as needed basis.
  • Broad network access – the network is able to be accessed by any device – i.e., mobile phones, laptops, Tablets, PDAs etc
  • Resource Pooling – SaSperBox’s computing resources are pooled to serve multiple consumers with resources assigned according to customer demand. You may also specify a preferable country for your hosted Data Centre location.
  • Rapid elasticity – The capabilities can be rapidly scaled up or down, and purchased in any quantity, at any time the client requires.
  • Measured Service – Our systems automatically control and optimise the resources by using a metering capability which can be monitored, controlled and reported to the client.



Flexible, scalable, secure and affordable enough to make practical business sense. We give you the ability to have your own private network and operating system with no capital outlay and all completely secure.

We offer:

  • Scalability – we constantly monitor system performance levels. As your demand for server resources increases, we can increase our resource offerings to meet our customers, this gives you the flexibility to increase RAM, storage space, and CPU processing power quickly.
  • Agility – our ability to rapidly provide for new users or new applications and scale up or down as required. This increases the speed of business and ensures our customers only pay for what they use.
  • Elasticity – creating new solutions that were not technically or economically feasible without the use of cloud services.
  • Specialised Support Staff – Our highly trained team of specialised engineers and Local support staff offer assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We employ  highly skilled staff so you don’t need to. You will have access to a dedicated engineer at all times.
  • Security – We have the right software plus the technical skills to manage your security. Your virtual server will be housed in a secured data centre and our team of virtual IT professionals will keep your data safe.
  • Back Ups – Our back up and recovery retention policy means, in case of a disaster, you can request a full system restore to have your complete virtual environment back up and running in no time. Whether you need a full virtual machine recovery, or individual file levels restored, we can help. You can choose from a local, off-site, or an international location for back-ups.
  • Firewalls – We provide a managed firewall service that provides a secure layer of defence to safeguard your virtual servers. This gives a high degree of protection against virus, network threats, and attacks.
  • Service Level – Our minimum 98% Service Level Agreement ensures your systems stay up and running around the clock. We will agree with you on scheduled times for planned server maintenance. We can provide up to 99.99 % up-time if required.
  • Flexibility – Expand from one high performance CPU to 24, from 4GB of RAM to 32GB. You can request provisioning of additional CPUs and memory to your Virtual Machines on an as needed basis.
  • Redundancy – All our servers come standard with high redundancy minimising any potential impact to your service.
  • Built-in auditing –  As a business owner, you can keep track of your employees. You have the ability to play back, in video, all applications your staff have accessed. (websites, emails etc).
  • Flexible contracts – We can meet your requirements for security controls, regulatory compliance, business continuity, data recovery and much more.


Those individuals and companies wanting to reduce their capital, operating costs, and increase flexibility, all benefit from SaSperBox’s cloud infrastructure. Our cloud services allow you to deploy simple, or complex, IT infrastructure from your private network into our cloud.

Users get the option of running multiple operating systems on their computer, and can access virtual desktops from multiple locations and devices.

Our clients include:

  • Executives, CEOs, Consultants
  • Small/medium companies (SMEs)
  • Large corporations

The SaSperBox service is especially valuable for people who travel on a regular basis. It grants them secure access to their virtual desktop from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

VOIP-PAL (PointsPhone)

We have many clients already using our cloud technology around the world.

VOIP-PAL ( chose SaSperBox for their depth of experience, ability to offer a high level of security, and enterprise-class high performance computer hardware.

Voip-Pal.Com Inc., a worldwide VoIP telecommunications company, has made the SaSperBox Cloud Technology Server the backbone of their VoIP services. Voip- Inc offer local and long distance VoIP services to consumers and business owners.

“Using SaSperBox has enabled our company to be truly international because of the unique cloud technology and interconnectivity that it provides.” said Dennis Chang, Director and CEO of VOIP-PAL International.   “Their innovative and proprietary technology allows users to call, from and to, anywhere in the world reliably and without interruption.  The SaSperBox Cloud Technology has overcome international ‘firewalls’ that plague our competitors VoIP services, and they are virtually unlimited in the number of VOIP clients they can host for us” states Mr Chang.


The customer chooses from a list of services and submits their requirements online.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to clarify your requirements. You will be up and running on the SaSperBox service between 2 and 10 working days, after your Service Level Agreement has been signed.

We would like to hear from you