Project Description


It comes with great experience to offer mentoring. At Networks.NZ we have skilled Consultants who have been in the IT business for 30+. Their skills extend from the starting of a business, maintaining/consolidating and also closing a business. Having the knowledge of how to process/store/secure/monitor sensitive data over the last 30+ years have given us the edge. As technology has made it more inviting to start businesses, it also comes with the risks. This is where the years of experience comes in to help navigate over any hurdles that may seem common or hidden. Chief Information Officer (CIO) as a service gives the flexibility to both the client and the vendor as they are only called upon when needed for advise and services.

CIO as a Service

At Networks.NZ we offer (CIO) as a service where we are focused on improving the effectiveness of IT within your business and at the end of the day – help make your business even more efficient and successful.

Every organisation, regardless of size, needs someone in charge of IT. With Networks.NZ you’ll be able to hire an experienced CIO to lead your business through strategic technology decisions and help you get the most from your investments.

The CIO responsibilities often include:

  • Proficiency in establishing IT services framework and IT security policies
  • Managing IT staff, vendors, budgets, and assets
  • Designing IT processes, standards, sourcing, and procurement
  • Providing knowledge specific to enhancing application-specific knowledge
  • Representing the organization’s technology interest at the executive/board level.

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