Project Description


Running a business can be overwhelming. At Networks.NZ we can help take care of less fun side of business so you can focus on what you are passionate about.

The services we include are:

  • Computer Network Management.
  • Procurement or any products you may need, this includes setting up and delivery.
  • Applying for Trademarks and Patents.
  • Managing your accounts, reconciling your bank statements and preparing your books for GST periods.
  • Website marketing and SEO.  We aim to make your business website more approachable and easier to find.


Networks.NZ has a large array of suppliers that we have built relationships with. We offer the best for our clients and produce a robust procurement service which streamlines the product purchasing process, helping you save money and taking the hassle out of procurement for your business.

Having Networks.NZ manage your businesses procurement/products comes with many advantages and benefits, some listed below:

  • Cost reduction from head count, training, office space and computerization.
  • Market leverage allowing for better discounts.
  • Transaction cost per purchase are lowered by economies of scale.
  • Marketing knowledge of which suppliers are best for each product to be purchased.
  • Highly skilled staff that specialise in purchasing.
  • Improved communication between purchasing experts and the company staff.
  • Better management information and purchasing analysis is available for people who understand the purchasing environment.
  • Negotiation by an expert in the field is often more effective and profitable.
  • Time given back to your business so you can excel in your own expertise.

Account management

Networks.NZ specialises in taking care of business in the front and in the back. We can assist with your accounting and help manage bank reconciliations so we can free up your time so you can be the best at what you do.

We can manage accounts and give financial advice on the performance of your business. Having a 360 view of the business can give us the best vantage point to provide well thought out advice on how to improve your business.

Website marketing

Networks.NZ are able to put your business ahead of others in the online marketing world. We use Google analytics and optimise your companies website to best project your companies brand so it will be noticed.

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