Project Description


At Networks.NZ we provide services to securely manage your company’s data. Networks.NZ also offer setting up your business with onsite servers and cloud services. This allows data to be used with speed on your local servers and the flexibility for offsite backups and Cloud Based productivity tools like Office365, Xero etc. We specialise in Terminal Servers to provide a consistent controlled environment for end users. Networks.NZ are a licensed Microsoft Office 365 vendor. Having tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams and Outlook creates the foundation on how to run an efficient business.  Understanding Websites Design and integrating it back to your internal office systems is essential. These days most business utilize a myriad of applications from local freight forwarder applications to cloud based accounting system.  Designing a secure and functional desktop these days requires planning. Networks.NZ can design and manage the process to optimise your networks. We specialize in Hybrid Networks with reliable and secure cloud-based interaction.

Backup and Data Recovery Services 

One of our services is to manage your backup and data recovery to keep it safe in the event of system failure or disaster.

Networks.NZ will manage your organisation’s data from a system crash, a power outage, fire, IT security attacks and much more. We can customise a backup and recovery plan so that your data in the event of a disaster is secure.

Networks.NZ can create a unique backup and data recovery plan tailored to your business. We can assess and identify what is the best plan for you. We will put procedures in place that can automatically backup data on a regular basis to make it easy to recover in case of emergency.

We have the ability to store all your data on remote servers safely within our Auckland Data Centre or in a remote cloud storage. We maintain, operate and manage the off-site storage ensuring it is backed up and accessible from any location via the internet. Our fully managed cloud storage increases data availability, usability, and frees up valuable network bandwidth.

Cloud Services

Networks.NZ offers secure cloud services that help organisations reduce their IT expenditure whilst improving data resilience, system performance and ease of management.

Networks.NZ will manage the cloud services for your company with ease. Cloud computing will bring in multiple benefits for your company some are listed below:

  • The Cloud has less operational issues on small businesses
  • The Cloud can save you money
  • Cloud computing can increases collaboration amongst your team
  • Cloud computing reduces your carbon footprint
  • The cloud  can give employees a better work-life balance

Microsoft Office 365 Vendor

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 can be bought through Networks.NZ. Rolling out to your whole business with service and maintenance

Networks.NZ are one of the few businesses that have the licence to lease Microsoft Office 365 on a monthly or yearly basis. We are skilled at rolling the product out to the whole business no matter what the size of the businesses is. Additionally we also service and maintain Office 365 for businesses.